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How to Bet on Floorball

How to Bet on Floorball

There are many different ways to bet on floorball. First, double chance betting options provide insurance against losing your bet. Double chance bets require the underdog team to win or draw to prevent losing your wager. You can also bet on the spread, betting on a lesser team at 1.5 or 2.5 points. Floorball underdogs often press favorites, making this an excellent way to place a bet. Find out how to bet on floorball in this article.

What is Floorball

Let’s first explain what floorball is. Floorball is an indoor hockey variant that does not require cumbersome equipment. Instead, you only need a stick and a ball! 

Known as “innebandy” in Sweden, “salibandy” in Finland, and “unihockey” in other parts of Europe, “floorball” is the official term used worldwide by the International Floorball Federation (IFF). 

In an official floorball competition, teams play 5 v 5 with goaltenders, similar to ice hockey, and games consist of three 20-minute periods. However, floorball is highly adaptable. At the recreational level, games can be played with any number of players on any size (indoor or outdoor) court for any length of time.

A regulation floorball field measures 20 by 40 meters (65 feet x 130 feet). The 50 cm tall boards surrounding the court are typically made of durable plastic, composites, or high-density foam (about 20 inches). Floorball is comparable to the ball and floor hockey, but it is faster and safer due to its specialized rules and lightweight equipment. The emphasis is placed on speed and skill as opposed to strength.

Floorball Betting

When betting on floorball, you can choose from several betting markets. The two teams usually play in a 2-way market with odds of eight or eleven, while the total score can be as high as twelve. You can also bet on individual players. Depending on the prestige of a tournament, there are different markets to choose from, including the Money Line and Total Points. A team’s overall record can also affect its betting value.

One of the easiest ways to pick winning totals in floorball matches is to study the teams’ starting line-ups. While star players may be absent for one or more games, you should also monitor the news on each team. You may also want to watch as much floorball as possible to understand their strengths and weaknesses better. Keep in mind that some teams will be fast while others will play more defensively. The goalkeeper is also important to watch for, as floorball teams rarely have a comparable replacement goalkeeper.

If you are betting on floorball matches, the most common type of bet is a straight bet on the winner of the match. The odds for each team are displayed on the betting site, showing you how much money you stand to win if you are right. You can also place a wager on a draw match. The odds of both sides are presented on a floorball betting website. Choosing the winning team will give you the best chance of winning, so make sure to select the correct team.

Floorball Betting Strategy

A good floorball betting strategy requires selecting a strong defense and a replacement goalkeeper. This is similar to ice hockey betting but includes betting on individual players and the overall team performance. There are various market types to choose from, depending on the tournament’s prestige. As you watch the match, you may notice that a team or player is struggling and that you should cash out. Regardless of your betting strategy, it is important to bet on different teams and types of bets to diversify your betting slip.

When using a floorball betting strategy, make sure to monitor the team’s starting line-up. While the match may be a week apart, star players can compete for various reasons. In addition, you should monitor team news and learn about any new signings. Keep an eye on the goalkeeper as this is one position where the team will have an advantage over the other. The goalkeeper is crucial, and a team that loses a key player could completely change the odds.

Another floorball betting strategy is to bet on the total number of goals. For example, in the Swedish Superligan, most games have a total of 11 goals, and you can bet on the match to have at least eleven goals. 

Floorball Betting Tips

Floorball is a sport with roots in Sweden, like ice hockey. The sport was created for players who couldn’t skate or for those who just wanted a game where everyone could participate. Like any other sport, you can place a wager on the winner, goal difference, or both. Listed below are a few floorball betting tips. Identifying a good underdog team is key to maximizing your profit.

Study the playstyle of each team. Floorball teams can go on great streaks of form and have strong goaltenders, but you should always monitor news about each team. Try to watch as much floorball as possible since some teams play fast and others play more defensively. Goalkeepers are a particularly important position since no other team has a comparable replacement. While goaltenders are not always a good indicator, the first and last periods of a game are crucial for predicting the winner.

Futures are similar to match-winner bets. Futures are based on the probability of each team winning the tournament. To bet on the winner of a floorball tournament, you need to predict the team that will win the match. If you guess correctly, you will win! However, you will lose your bet if your team does not win. The payouts on floorball futures are higher than those for match-winner bets.